Data Policy for Employers

Data Controller:  
Gydevang 39
3450 Allerød

pro2match processes personal data according to the principles set out in the General EU Data Protection Regulation. When we work on recruitment assignments for you, we collect personal information about you in order to handle the recruitment process. Your personal data is processed according to the safety principles in the regulation.

1. What types of data will be collected? And for what purpose?
A) When making business contracts, we process and keep personal data such as your:
name, title, e-mail, phone number, the name of your company and company address.

Most importantly, we process and keep the data according to the principles in the General Data Protection Regulation. And your data is handled by our coworkers according to the data regulation policy.
B) We kindly ask you not to share sensitive personal data about yourself such as your:
Personal identification number, religion, sexual orientation, health, political ideology, union membership, race, ethnic origin, philosophical beliefs or health.

2. When do we process your data
We only process the information needed in order to help you through the recruitment process and fulfill the business contract.

3. Does pro2match transfer personal data to external partners?
A) We are not handing over your data to others

B) However, pro2match use third party business suppliers, named data processors, who keep personal data. The data processor will in certain cases collect your data according to the service they provide for us. The data processor is only allowed to carry out processes stated in pro2match's/the Controllers instruction´s and according to the data processor agreement.

4. The data retention period
We only collect, process and keep data for the purpose of fulfilling the recruitment tasks needed to complete the recruitment process. Personal data will be deleted once the recruitment process is completed. However, according to the Danish Bookkeeping Act, data has to be retained for a period of five years

5. What are my data subjects rights in regards to EU law when personal data is collected
According to the EU General Data Protection Regulation you have 8 data subject rights:

  • The right to know whether the data is being processed and the right to access it
  • The right to have inaccurate data rectified or completed if incomplete
  • The right to erasure or ”to be forgotten” and the right to delete publicly available data
  • The right to restriction of processing if needed to protect your privacy
  • The right to be informed, who are the recipients and who get to see the data
  • The right to data portability, that is to obtain and reuse the personal information shared
  • The right to object and stop data being used for direct marketing.
  • The right not not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing or effecting the subject legally or significantly
If you want to make use of your rights please contact us. Our contact information is available at the bottom of this page. According to the EU Regulation we have to inform you within 30 days. After 30 days if you are unhappy about the process you can voice your complaint to The Danish Data Protection Agency named Datatilsynet at

6. Data Policy Changes
We will update the above information according to Legal Policy changes. The last updated date is written below.

7. Contact
Do you have any comments or do you want to make a complaint about your rights as a subject, please send an email to pro2match:
Email: pro2match@ pro2match. dk - Subject headline: GPDR.

Latest update: November. 2018.